Truth and the Way

The Four Noble Truths and the Way to realise them.

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Truth and the Way

Truth and the Way

Foreword with a Warning

Is there a way to the truth? Is truth at the end of the road and is the road a means of reaching the end? And who is going that way, and who is reaching the end?

One can multiply these questions: how to make a beginning, how to proceed, and what happens when the end is reached? And then a very pertinent question: why should one take the trouble to make that journey at all? What is the guarantee of reaching the end? And what is the purpose of it all? To what benefit?

Here is the warning:.

There is no end, there is no purpose, there is no benefit. There is no one going that way and no one will ever reach the end. Truth is not the end, and the path is not the means thereto. There is no answer to the question How? And the answer to the question Why? lies within each of us.

Then, why was this booklet, written and why should anybody read it? Said the Buddha:

“One thing only do I teach:
Woe and how its end to reach”.

Dukkhanc’eva pannapemi
dukkha’ssa ca nirodham.

There is conflict in everyone of us. There is conflict in every complex, there is decomposition in every compound, there is self-delusion in every desire which is conflict, the desire to make become what is not. It is the ending of this conflict which is the road and the end of the road. And “I” am that conflict! Don’t believe it; it just happens to be so.

If you understand, there is no need to read further.

Henri van Zeyst,
28th August, 1977

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