Physics and Metaphysics

A look at some of the unique doctrines of Buddhism.

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Physics and Metaphysics


The fact that the first edition was exhausted in a few weeks’ time might prove to some extent the usefulness of this booklet.

In order not to disappoint the many applicants by a longer delay, we issue this second edition in substance identical with the first, except for a few additions, where fuller explanation proved to be necessary to prevent misunderstanding.

Two longer, and entirely new additions will be found with regard to the doctrine of Dependent Origination (Paṭicca-samuppāda) and Nirvāṇa.

I have made a grateful use of the suggestions made by a few who did not spare me for the sake of friendship. And it is my pleasant duty to acknowledge the constructive criticism of Rev. Bhikkhu Soma and of Mr. Julius de Lanerolle, and also the kind assistance of Mr. N.L. Napier in correcting the English idiom.

Bhikkhu Dhammapala (Henri van Zeyst), Kandy, August 2485—1941.

Table of Contents