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For a good introduction to Henri and his writing, please see this appreciation by Ven Dhammika, then read one of the books below.


Meditative Insight

The difference between meditation and concentration explained.

A New Approach to Buddhism

An introduction to Buddhism for a Western audience.

Basic Buddhism

An introduction to Buddhism looking at all the major concepts found in the teaching.

Broadcasts on Buddhism

Lectures on some of the unique and central doctrines of Buddhism.

Burning Questions

Some central and pressing questions about the role of Buddhism.

The Challenge to Buddhism

The relevance of Buddhism in the modern world.

Towards the Truth

Notes from a three-day debate in the 1940’s about Buddhism and Christianity.

Touching the Essence

A series of lectures, broadcast in the first half of the 1940s.

One Hour for Buddhism

Six essays on various Buddhist topics originally conceived as six radio talks.

Buddhism for the Millions

A Primer on Buddhism, covering the main doctrinal teachings.

Problems Bared, Essays on Buddhism

Essays on various aspects of the Buddha’s teaching.

The Pendulum of Thought

A look at the various philosophies which have guided mankind.

Introduction to a Saint

Henri’s meetings with various holy men in India and his reflections on their teachings.

Tasting Buddhism

Henri’s recollections of 50 years of life in Ceylon.


Basic Buddhist Concepts

An exposition of all the major concepts found in Buddhism.

The Cultural Evolution of Buddhism

A call to an reawkening on the part of Buddhists.

Karma and Rebirth

Two of the central doctrines of Buddhism.

In Search of Truth

Reflections on the truth of the Dhamma arranged in alphabetical order.

Truth and the Way

The Noble Truths and the Way to realise them.


The things that hold a person back from attaining fulfilment.

Physics and Metaphysics

A look at some of the unique doctrines of Buddhism.

Obstacles on the Path

A look at the obstacles that lay along the path, and the Buddha’s solution to overcoming them.

Buddhism, a Living Experience

How to find for oneself the fruits of the Buddha’s teaching but as a lived experience.

Life - Living and Being Alive

On matter, biology and the spiritual life.

Perfections of a Bodhisattva

On the giving, character, going forth, insight, inner strength, pliability, sincerity, stabilisation, universal love and bliss.

Agony and Ecstasy

A comparative study of the five hindrances, together with the five states of concentration or mental absorption.

Dependent Origination

An examination of one of the central concepts in the Buddha’s teaching.

Awareness in Buddhist Meditation

A detailed description of awareness in Buddhist Meditation.

Seven Facets of Insight

On mindfulness, investigation into the nature of things, energy, delight, tranquillity, concentration and equanimity.

Marks of Distinction

On the three general characteristics: impermanence, conflict and the void in conflict.

Of Matter and Mind

A long and detailed analysis of the various types of matter and of mind, sensations and consciousness.


On deliverance beyond all striving, unconditioned, uncreated, the indestructible.